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Seattle Writers Circle


What to expect during a typical SWC online workshop:



A Zoom link is shared with the group via email before the first session.

Up to eight writers log in on time. Those running late are still welcome to log in with their microphone muted. The prompt will be displayed in the chat or on screen-share if we have already begun.

A suggested prompt is offered by the facilitator which writers may choose to use (or not) as a way to enter into writing. At this time we ask all microphones be muted as we focus on writing.

Writers are given a heads-up as the writing time comes to a close, but anyone may choose to continue writing if they are not ready to end.

Writers are invited but never required to read what they have written.

Responses are offered following the guidelines of AWA: What do you remember? What is strong? What was successful? We never critique pieces we have just written. No questions or suggestions are allowed. The writer simply listens.

We repeat the process with a new prompt and another writing time.

We close making sure that everyone who wants to read has read their work.

We say good-bye and re-enter the world with new writing and new inspiration, keeping the words that others have shared confidential.

We come back next time, keeping our commitment at our set time each week which primes our brains for creativity and establishes routine.

We agree to maintain safety by refraining from discussing what we have heard or read outside of the group without a writer's explicit permission.

Interested in joining us?

To get more information and find out about upcoming offerings visit the contact page and send a message.

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